Midwest Haunters Convention

Interested in VSA and going to the Midwest Haunter Convention? Check out Kristy's presentation on Using VSA and the Pololu Control Center from a Home-Haunters Perspective

Class description:

This class will teach haunters some of the basic information needed to get started using VSA for servo driven props such as the 3 axis skull. This will include using some of the software available to not only program, but run the routines.

In addition, we’ll go over some of the basics of the Pololu Control Center which can program the stand alone Micro Maestro Controller. This is for haunters who have a simple servo driven prop with limited movements.

Kristy Noble has been a home haunters for more than 10 years. In 2006, Kristy moved into animating props using motors and, in 2007, progressed into servo driven props with the 3 axis skullls and singing pumpkins. This course will be covering some of the process for getting started with VSA including set up, Wav Analysis, editing, using Track Skull [TrackSkull] to program the routines and using Helmsman to run the routines. We will also be using the Pololu Control Center for the Micro Maestro Controller for servo driven props which do not have as many movements in a routine allowing the controller to store and run these routines without the use of a computer.

The class is presented by Garage of Evil

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