Introducing GateKeeper I/O and more!!!

MonkeyBasic has materialized from inside your PC and onto your bench top with the GateKeeper I/O board, the latest MonkeyBasic creation.

The GateKeeper I/O board is a purpose built control board for the Helmsman software. In the past few years I have been reliant on third party suppliers for control boards. These board have always required compromises to be made and/or re-work modifications. 

GateKeeper I/O has the ability to receive eight (8) separate digital inputs. These inputs are designed to be more stable, dependable, and have a faster response time than other control boards. Eight (8) outputs are also available for driving LEDs, Relays, Solenoids or many other equipment up to 50V!

(Optional) An add-on board can be plugged into GateKeeper I/O to allow for 4 triggers from a wireless handheld REMOTE!!! 

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