Tips, Tricks & FAQs

Can I set custom servo limits for my skull?

Yes, you can set the max, min and default servo positions very easily (you can also reverse the servo direction if needed).

Testing VirtualHaunt

Below is a ZIP file containing everything you need to play the Pirate routine you see in the Outdoor Demo video. The file contains a VSA routine, audio file, VirtualHaunt settings, and a text file containing instructions on how to run it. (Routine is courtesy of GraveyardSkulls).

Recording your VirtualHaunt performance

You can use a Screen Capture/Recording software to record VirtualHaunt. These videos can them be posted on YouTube or used during your haunt instead of having VirtualHaunt running live. Here are a few FREE screen recording applications.

Prevent overbite Jaw movements

When setting up the servo motion for a Jaw, make sure your "Default" servo position value is equal to the "+ Value" (or "- Value"). This way the Jaw will remain closed when at rest and only open in one direction.

Working with DMX type servo communication

Until I integrate DMX (including Board of Chuckee and Medusa DMX) support into VirtualHaunt, you can use the following work-around:

Create a copy of your VSA routine, open Settings (F3) and replace the “Type” of each servo with an equivalent Serial Controller selected.

DMX Servo -> miniSSC Servo (equivalent)

BOC DMX Servo -> Parallax Servo (equivalent)

Remember to write down your Servo’s “+ Value”, “- Value”, and “Default” because when you change the Controller Type, VSA will reset these values.

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