VirtualHaunt V1.0.4.4 Update

Bug fixes:
- FIXED: Enabling a VSA track with no associated Skull assignment would cause the software to crash and be unable to start again.

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VirtualHaunt V1.0.4.3 Update

This is a mantanence update to bring VirtualHaunt in line with the latest SlimDX. SlimDX has been updated to January 2012, make sure to install the latest version from here:


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VirtualHaunt / SlimDX (Sept 2011) Warning!!!

SlimDX has recently been updated to Sept 2011, unfortunately this version is not compatible with VirtualHaunt.

Make sure to install the March 2011 version from here:


VirtualHaunt V1.0.4.1 Update

Bug fixes:
- Servo Smoothing resulted in an oscillation of the skull or arms. (Sort of comical, but not useful.)

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VirtualHaunt Sample Routine

Some of you have asked for it, so I've gone ahead and put together a sample routine (with audio and VH settings) for you to test or demo VirtualHaunt. (Routine is courtesy of GraveyardSkulls).

The sample routine package can be found under Tips & Tricks.

VirtualHaunt V1.0.3.3 Update

Bug fixes:
- Fixed possible freeze condition when resizing or minimizing/maximize.

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VirtualHaunt V1.0.3.2 Update

- Added a "Servo Smoothing" option in Settings. This is meant to help mimic real life servo movements by interperlating positioning before the final position.
- Optimized connection between incoming servo commands and virtual servos to help reduce lag/delay of movements.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed possible crash on start after VirtualHaunt closes improperly.

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VirtualHaunt V1.0.1.3 Update

- Add Green background choice for "Chroma Key" background swapping.
- Improved error message when Serial Monitor component was not installed correctly, resulting in "Did you reboot?" error message.
- Add installation message regarding Serial Port and SlimDX component requirements.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed error when using Channels above 47.
- Removed SlimDX check from installation as this check would always fail on 64bit Vista.

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