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Converting TrackSkull exports to Light-O-Rama

Below is information on converting TrackSkull export files for use in Light-O-Rama. Special thanks to ChristmasJim (of the LOR forum).

Adjust Track Length in VSA after import

If you've imported a Track into VSA but it is either runs too fast (short) or too slow (long). You can stretch or shrink the Track to whatever length you want.

1) Start by zooming in  on the Track you want to adjust and go to the very last frame.

2) Right click on the Track and click "Select All (track # only)" where # is the Track number you want to adjust. (The track should now be highlighted)

(Track 4 is highlighted Green)

3) Place your mouse arrow over the last event of the Track and a double arrow should appear (see below).

4) Click and drag to the right ---> to lengthen the track OR drag left <--- to shorten the track.

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