TrackSkull V1.3.2.0 Update

I'm very excited to introduce the latest version of TrackSkull. This update adds supports for Light-O-Rama products and software! Control you ServoDog controller right on the LOR network without having to switch to DMX mode. Also, export LMS files that can be opened directly in Light-O-Rama.

New features:

  • Added Support for ServoDog and LOR Network
  • Added Export support for Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor
  • Added Twist support for Logitech Freedom 2.4 Joystick
  • Added support for Skulltronix BoC BattleSwitch
  • Moved "Servo Limit" warning to Puppet Options screen
  • Added Eye Color controls via Keyboard Keys and Context Menu for Skulltronix BoC
  • Added check for TrackIR values greater than 1.0 which caused erratic output results
  • Added Motion Ratio option to allow for a 1:2 ratio (TrackIR:Skull) ¬†
  • Export & Import Settings option


  • Fixed (tiny) memory leak
  • Fixed CPU Utilization for Puppet Mode and Recording (no more 100% CPU usage)
  • Reset Servo Values when changing Controllers Type is optional
  • No longer disconnect from Servo Controller after recording is complete
  • Other bugs have been squashed

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