Features & Requirements



  • Create playlists of the following: (almost no limit to the # of items) 
  • (PRO Version Only) Control up to 8 Relays via the Kit 74 or MonkeyBasic's GateKeeper I/O Outputs. The following actions are available: 
    • Turn On 
    • Turn Off 
    • Toggle Once 
    • Toggle Every 5 secs to 15 mins (will continue during other routines until stopped) 
  • Ability to Randomize & Loop your playlist 
  • Insert delays between routines 
  • Adjust the PC volume for each routine 
  • (PRO Version Only) Digital Triggers via these inputs:
    • Your built in Printer Port (with no additional hardware) - 5 inputs
    • MonkeyBasic's GateKeeper I/O - 8 inputs
    • Keyboard shortcuts - 8 inputs
  •    These triggers can perform any of the following: 
    • Play a specific routine then stop 
    • Play a random routine 
    • Start playing the playlist at a specific point 
    • Interrupt your playlist, play a specific or random routine, then after restart the previous routine in your playlist
    • Pause 
    • Stop
    • Toggle, Turn On, or Off attached Switches/Relays
  • (PRO Version Only) Timed Triggers (performs same actions as digital triggers)
  • (PRO Version Only) UNLIMITED Up to 12 VSA routines can be pre-loaded for Instant playback (with no loading delay). 
  • Save and Load playlists
  • (PRO Version Only) Ability to start a playlist automatically when loaded. (You can place your saved Helmsman .VCP file in the Windows "StartUp" folder and it will kickoff automatically when your computer boots)
  • Remote controlled via the Helmsman Remote


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